Awaken your Sixth Sense at Six Senses Maxwell in Singapore

Thinking about living the MAD life in Singapore? Let me take you to the Six Senses Maxwell where you will discover just how good it feels to awaken your sixth sense.  

Exploring the luxury experience offered by the centrally located Six Senses Maxwell in Singapore where your vacation not only indulges your physical senses, but also tends to your sense of well-being, the community, and the environment.

Conscious Luxury

It’s the little things that make the biggest difference. While enjoying the perks and amenities the Six Senses Maxwell has to offer, make sure to notice how their mantra relating to community, wellness, and sustainability is implemented into every aspect of their establishment.

From the moment you walk into the Six Senses Maxwell, the dedication to their community is tastefully displayed at the entrance with international and locally-made goods. Even the hand soaps used in the facilities get collected, re-purposed, and donated to underprivileged members in the community.

Their commitment to sustainability can be most plainly seen in their use of glass water bottles in the bedrooms and the gym. The water itself is treated and purified on-site.

The Six Senses Maxwell’s attention to wellness is presented in a variety of ways, but be sure to ask for the welcome experience with the giant singing bowl by the elevators. The experience is typically recommended for guests coming in after a very long flight to release any tensions they may be carrying with them, but a long day of sightseeing is just as worthy in our book.


Many travelers don’t spend much time in their rooms while vacationing, but the rooms at the Six Senses Maxwell will have you feeling positively indulgent. Somehow, designer Jacques Garcia managed to marry a clean, bright, and overall unobtrusive design together with bold colors and quirky details, giving each space a sense of character. No expenses were spared here. Each bedroom is outfitted with silk headboards and a detailed handmade rug that is unique to every single room.


Now, we're not completely unreasonable. We may have a tendency to eat our weight in food daily while on vacation but we do exercise just to maintain our eating habits. Should you be the same, head to the top floor where you will find a fully equipped gym.

Not a gym person? No problem. Grab a couple of towels and step out onto the roof instead to go for a swim in the Six Senses Maxwell’s lap pool. The pool area is equipped with a gorgeous sundeck and an outdoor shower. 

Even if you’re not a fitness enthusiast, there is one cool way to see the city that the Six Senses Maxwell exclusively offers its guests. Just outside the entrance of the hotel, there is a pair of attractive cruiser bicycles, completely complimentary.


In the Murray Terrace Brasserie, we were pleasantly surprised to see that there were both healthy and indulgent breakfast options, which were both delicious. Life is all about balance, and here you can choose to keep the balance or tip the scales. Either choice is going to keep your sense of taste extremely happy. 

The Library

Before you reach the restaurant, you are sure to notice Cook & Tras Social Library. It’s a warm, intimate space offering tasty cocktails and light bites. Even if you’re not a bookworm, there are several titles guaranteed to bemuse and catch the eye.

Themed Lounges

Just past the library, there are a few lounge-style rooms for every spirit. Pun absolutely intended. The Rose Lounge serves just about everything that sparkles and bubbles in an airy and bright space.

Garcha’s is a bar in a setting that charms you into sipping on a glass of whiskey with eyes closed, listening to jazz over the impeccable Devialet speakers, which can be found throughout the Six Senses Maxwell.

Step outside of the hotel onto the veranda and there, you will find an adorable ice cream tricycle completely free for guests of the Six Senses Maxwell and available for purchase for non-guests. Unlimited free homemade ice cream and assorted seasonal flavours? We think we will be tipping my scales over to the dark, indulgent side.

Must See

Should you at some point manage to tear yourself away from the Six Senses Maxwell and its enticing amenities, be sure to walk or bike to Chinatown, less than 10 minutes away from the hotel. There, you will find the impressive Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum, and Sri Mariamman Temple, Singapore’s oldest Hindu temple.

A 10-minute drive from the Six Senses Maxwell is Gardens by the Bay. It is absolutely worth going both in the day and in the night. During the day you will have access to their conservatories, while at night you can bring a blanket or a jacket to sit between the “trees” and enjoy the light show.

Whether it’s your physical or metaphysical senses, be sure to indulge all your senses at the Six Senses Maxwell in Singapore.

Address: 2 Cook Street, Singapore 078857

*This article was first published on Vanilla Luxury*

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